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Root Chakra Healing Salts

Chakra Healing Salts are a blend of natural ingredients charged in the corresponding Chakra frequencies of Tibetan Sound Bowls. These salts allow you to create an at home healing experience to remove blockages or energy stored within the selected Chakra.

Our Root Chakra is connected to our physicality, survival, stability, feelings of safety and having a right to live.

When imbalanced: survival issues, feeling unsafe, insecurities.

Helps with: bringing stability, empowerment and liberation from survival mechanisms.

Ingredients- Mango Essential Oil, Moringa, St John’s-wort, Mica Powder, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Vitamin E Oil.

Directions- Create an at home spiritual experience and bring realignment and healing to your Root Chakra by soaking with 1/2 or the whole packet of bath salts for 20-30 minutes

Root Chakra Healing Salts

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