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Intuitive Readings and More

An Intuitive Healing Session is a pre-recorded voice recording where I utilize my intuition by connecting to your energy to access subconscious information that is needed to be brought into your awareness. These sessions are focused on emotional healing, as I believe that emotional break-throughs create an avenue for change in all aspects of life. In these sessions I will use my Oracle Cards as a tool to assist me in articulating and channeling the messages for you. 

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Client Testimonials

Sharing their experience with Sarah Mae!

" The reading Sarah gave me provided clarity and reassurance. She explained in depth how the elements may be presenting themselves, and what this may be in relation to. Her reading is a great tool for deeper self reflection and guidance. I will definitely refer to her for readings in the future and highly recommend her to others"

"Sarah is an incredibly talented reader. I couldn’t recommend this reading enough. She is such a kind, empathetic individual and is very in-tune with her readings. Although I wasn’t specific, Sarah picked up on the areas of my life which had been at the forefront for me. If you need a little guidance or reassurance on your path, Sarah is the perfect reader for you."

"All I can say is that if you are even considering having a reading; (of any sort because I did a little of each) hesitate no longer. I was not only validated in my own thoughts and feelings by Sarah’s readings, but feel like I was given direction as well. There was one area in specific that I have spoken with no one about. I’ve pushed these feelings down deep, yet feel them to the core. She picked up on this and read it spot on with no information from me and it’s really what I needed clarification in the most, so I’m eternally grateful for her services and will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you so much Sarah!"

"I purchased a career reading and I am very satisfied. I do not know Sarah on a personal level so without any knowledge of me personally, my reading was pretty spot on to my current situation. I requested mine to be typed and when I read it to someone they mentioned I print it and post it in my work area to reflect on as needed. I will continue to turn to Sarah for future readings. This reading was very insightful and it is the guidance I was searching for."

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