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Intuitive Oracle Readings with Sarah Mae!

Intuitive Healing Sessions

An Intuitive Healing session is a pre-recorded voice recording where I utilize my intuition by connecting to your Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Archangels to access subconscious  information that is needed to be brought into your awareness. In these sessions I will use my Oracle Cards as a tool to assist me in articulating and channeling the messages for you. 

Oracle Card Spreads

An Oracle Spread Reading is exactly based off the picture of the reading you select. In these readings I will intuitively read the oracle cards that come up for you by giving you guidance from your Spirit Guides, Ancestors or Archangel's by directly answering the correlated question as selected. 

What's the difference?

The difference between an Intuitive Healing Sessions and The Oracle Spread Readings solely depends on the guidance you are seeking. Intuitive Healing Sessions have a general topic, but are not restricted, whereas the Oracle Spread Readings are restricted to the specific topic or question you select.