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Signature Scents

pixie magic

sweet mystery

Notes of Lemon, Orange and Vanilla.

Dry Calendula, Rose and Moringa

Purification | Alignment | Manifestation

Assists in releasing limiting beliefs or unprocessed emotions to align with your manifestations and desires.


Crown, Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakra

Notes of Grapefruit and Vanilla.

Dry St. John's Wort and Jasmine 

Inner Peace | Sobriety | Focus

Soothes irritability, rage and frustration by releasing judgment and transmitting negative energy into unconditional love and compassion.

Crown & Root Chakra

silver peppermint

Notes of Lavender and Peppermint

Dry Lavender and Jasmine 

Love | Empathy | Serenity

Brings anti-anxiety and anti-insomnia properties during chaotic or stressful times to encourage rest, self love and inner peace.

Throat & Crown Chakra

orange desire

Notes of Orange and Vanilla.

Dry Calendula and Jasmine 

Strength | Patience | Determination

Brings resilience in overwhelming situations by releasing tension and brain fog for personal clarity.

Crown & Sacral Chakra

coco mango

Notes of Mango and Vanilla.

Dry Maringa and Hemp Seed 

Energy | Clarity | Protection

Helps aid through healing by building a heightened sense of spiritual awareness while boosting your energy and rebuilding stamina.

Solar Plexus & Crown Chakra

calm tf down

Notes of Orange, Lemon and Tea Tree

Dried Orange Peel and St. John's Wort

Awareness | Intuition | Protection

Helps dispel feelings of anxiety, stress and depression by enhancing your self awareness, insight and truth.

Third eye, Crown & Sacral Chakra

Egyptian Musk

Notes of Sandalwood, Tea Tree & Vanilla

Clarity | Growth | Protection

Helps connect with our spiritual self by enhancing awareness and intuition in our evolution.

Sacral & Heart Chakra

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