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Healing Creations Apothecary offers handcrafted organic skincare and spiritual care products alchemized with aromatherapy, herbalism, crystal and sound frequency to soothe and nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Meet Sarah Mae

I'm Sarah Mae! The owner of Healing Creations Apothecary and The Healing Oracle. 

My apothecary offers handcrafted and organic skincare and spiritual care products powered by Mother Nature to bring healing to your mind, body and spirit. 

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Meet Sarah Mae

I'm Sarah Mae! The owner of Healing Creations Apothecary and Healing Within. My business is rooted in healing our minds, bodies and spirits. As I become more trauma informed, I've become aware of how important a sense of community and support is when healing. I created Healing Creations as a way to build a community committed to healing, so even when we are alone, we know we are healing together. 


Customer Reviews

" Love your soaps! Using them inside the little organza bag gives a loofa type experience. I've stocked up on the soaps for myself and to give as gifts! "

" I adore the energy and intentions put into each product. The scents are fresh and not too strong. I will be ordering more soon!! The intention rollers are my favorite, I love using them for manifesting and meditations "

" love, love, loveeee!!! First, the packaging is so cute and simplistic. Sarah Mae added a free red Jasper wired necklace with my order, that she wrapped personally for me! How sweet. I absolutely adore the silver peppermint roller and tub tea. The scent is strong enough to enjoy while being subtle enough to keep calm without any headaches. Stronger scents easily trigger headaches/migraines for me so I appreciate how subtle this one is. The tub tea was what I really needed during these harder times. Relaxed my body and when I got out of the tub I felt realigned and reenergized. I can definitely feel the high vibrational healing energy Sarah Mae filled my order with! "

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