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Discovering Acceptance

The last few weeks I have been learning how to be more content and comfortable in where I am.

I’ve found immense healing in just accepting where I am without judgement. Holding the concept of duality. Not focusing on what I think I ‘should’ be doing, but on what feels right to do. By connecting and listening to my physical and emotional body.

Throughout life I’ve always felt either too stuck in the past or too anxious about the future, or usually both at the same time. As I’ve been working through certain personal struggles I’ve realised that the most healing thing I can do is accept things as they are without trying to ‘fix’ anything, myself or others. I have always felt an intense pressure to be doing more even when I’m doing enough. To be better than I am or to be happier or to be more healed. I always felt rushed. Now I move at a slower pace, I feel much more comfortable and free. I have time to reflect on what needs reflection by also realizing that not everything needs a deep dive, I can allow it to be, no matter how horrible or amazing it was. Acceptance has given me the ability to feel, label and talk about my emotions because I am no longer suppressing or dismissing them, I am embracing and accepting them.

Honestly, I feel that doing daily yoga stretches and breathing exercises consistently and intentionally for the last 3 months has impacted me the most when finding acceptance. I allow myself to become my own safe space while I’m practicing yoga and breathing, etc. For me, this means, allowing any emotion, thought, feeling, opinion to come up and to accept it as it is, I don‘t dig deeper into it, I solely sit with it and be present with myself. When I miss a few days of yoga and intentional breathing, I can reeeaaalllyy feel it. I become more irritable and anxious, I don’t feel as present or connected to my body.

These types of mindfulness keep me grounded in order to move slow and freely where I can continue to find that sense of acceptance. I would have never thought that yoga and mindfulness would genuinely help me this much. But I also think it’s an accumulation of things and lessons I have been learning recently. Just remember it is important to slow down and rest!! Listen to the numerous ways your body speaks to you. Find acceptance in where you are, let your emotions flow through without judgement or trying to force yourself to be “better”.

You are so important and your daily struggles are valid, you also deserve to navigate your struggles in a way that will bring acceptance🤍

With love,

Sarah Mae ✨


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