We're rebranding! 

Don't worry, we'll be back! Taking time to connect back to our roots to create more for you! 

Healing Creations was founded on February 10th, 2021


You know that compelling feeling you get when you finally start valuing your true worth? That very special feeling is what inspired me to create my own skin care brand. I want every person to discover their own radiance, confidence and self-acceptance, with the help of a beautiful aroma made from natural oils and herbs. 

Healing Creations was created in a time of immense healing from childhood sexual and emotional abuse. I infuse each product with healing, loving and protecting energy for you to receive for your own self healing experiences.

Sustainability is very important to me, which is why I use minimal and recyclable packaging. All products are handmade and shipped out by me from Kalamazoo, Michigan.